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July – Linear Actuator Localization started (Ball screw type)
         Sales Partnership with Leantechnik(Germany) Gear Rack & Pinion linear system
         Sales Partnership with ATNS for Linear Robot (Timing belt & Ballscrew type)
         Sales Partnershio with H2W for Linear Motion System (Linear Motor)
         Sales Partnershio with Paletti for Linear Motion System (Timeing belt & Ballscrew type)
         System Integrator Partnership with Tecnotion Linear Motor.
June – Distributor contract with Macpion for Exlar(USA) products
          Sales Partnership with ESR(Germany) Linear Motor & Servo Drives
May – Agency contract with JETTER(Germany)Automation
Apr. – New Business setup (Automation Sales team)
July - SamSung SMD, V1 PJT Ph1 Vacuum System Design / Engineering Set- Up.
May - SamSung Zeus-PJT(16L) Vacuum Pump Stacker System Set-Up.
Mar. - 2nd Plant Relocated to Gumui-ri, Jangan-Myeon, Hwaseong-City
Nov. - SamSung LTPS, A2 PJT Ph1 Vacuum System Design / Engineering Set-Up.
Sept. - SamSung SATURN-PJT(AUSTIN in U.S.A) Vacuum Pump Stacker System Set-Up.
July - Developments & Mass Production for NW25 Manual Angle Valve
Mar. - SamSung LCD G8, Ph2 Vacuum System Design / Engineering
Jan. - Mass Production for Molding Bellows
Nov. – Disaffiliation(Separated) w/ YouGwang Machinery [Packaging Machine Builder]
Aug. – Established Research Center (R&D Lab.)
Apr. – Started Export Business (USA: Semi Auto Wrapping Machine)
Feb. – Merger and Acquisition w/ YouGwang Machinery [Packaging Machine Builder]
Jan. - Move to New Factory.
Sept. - SamSung LCD 8G, Ph2 PE-CVD Pumping System July
         - Plasma Cleaning System Design For Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
June – 2nd Plant Established at Hwaseong-City
         - Registered on Femto Science (for Vacuum Chamber / System)
Feb. – Project of Vacuum Part Engineering for Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.
Feb. - SamSung LCD 8G, Ph1 Vacuum System Design / Engineering Set-Up .
Jan. - SamSung A2-PJT(AUSTIN in U.S.A) Vacuum Pump Stacker System Set-Up.
21st Dec. - Certificate of ISO9001:2000 / KSA 9001:2001 from KTL (JAS-ANZ / IAF)
14th Dec. – Registered on Small & Midium Business Administration (INNO-BIZ)
May. – Registered on Samsung Engineering (Subcontractor)
         - Samsung Engineering / SDI OLED, LTPS / Base plate set-up.
24th May – Registered on New Technology Venture Businesses.
Apr. - SamSung A1-PJT(15L) Vacuum Pump Stacker System
Dec. - SamSung NRD-PJT Vacuum Pump Stacker Set-Up.
Sept. - SamSung LCD 7G, PE-CVD Set-Up.
1st of Apr. - Established a Corporation “ JNB Co., Ltd“
Feb. - LCD Glass Broken Sensing System Development
June. - SamSung LCD 7G, PE-CVD Pumping System Set-Up.
Apr. - SungWon-Edwards (Samsung) R2-PJT Vacuum Pump Stacker System
Mar. – KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) 30,000ℓ Pumping System Engineering
Dec. - SungWon-Edwards (Samsung), G-PJT(13L) Vacuum Pump Stacker System
         - ALCATEL(Samsung), G-PJT(13L) Vacuum Pump Stacker System June - Add. Semicon ETCH TOOLS Special Frame development
Apr. - SungWon-Edwards GV400/EH2600 Vacuum Pumping System Assembly
         - Vacuum Pumping Trap / Silencer Develop & Assembly
Jan. – SungWon-Edwards(Samsung) T-PJT Vacuum Pump Stacker System